11 Strategies to Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business

by Jan 10, 2016Entrepreneurship

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful career in network marketing. I’ve just come off a training with one of the legends in the industry, Eric Worre of networkmarketingpro.com and this is his take on just what it takes. Apply it and make 2016 rock.

1 Personal Growth
    • be a lifelong learner
    • reading
    • listening
    • watching
    • attending
    • associations
    • budget
2 Network Marketing Skills
    • finding prospects
    • inviting
    • presenting
    • followup
    • closing
    • getting people started
    • promoting events
3 Product or Service
    • be a passionate ambassador
    • use public
    • train on your product or service
    • gather customers
4 Time (activity) management
    • treat it like a job
    • set your hours on a weekly basis
    • use the 15 minute strategy
    • fiercely protect your time
5 Consistent method of operation
    • daily (make a plan for the day including: personal development, use the product, share the product, sharing the product, promote events)
    • weekly (plan your week ahead)
    • monthly (plan month ahead)
    • quarterly (plan 90 day campaign)
6 Duplication Strategies
    • simple duplicatable method of operation
    • fight complexity
7 Events
    • meetings make money – annual convention
    • local events, online events, quarterly events, etc)
8 Communication strategies
    • Strategies to keep in touch with your team can include:
      • webinar
      • social media
      • phone
      • email
      • videos
9 Mapping the year
    • add all events first, then add in your communication calendar, tie in with goals – recruiting, customers, contests
10 Campaigns
    • products – different products for different times of the year
    • recruiting campaigns
    • home meetings
    • convention
    • new tool or system
11 Success loves speed
    • pick  time period occasionally (a day, a week and do what most people won’t) and switch up the activity- go high intensity, e.g. create a 30 day game plan, a 90 day plan)

Success in network marketing is certainly not EASY, but it is very SIMPLE, and those who keep it simple are the ones who realize the most success. 

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