7 Step Plan For Your Social Media Strategy

by Jul 28, 2019Entrepreneurship

With 2020 almost half over it may be a good time to review your social media goals as they relate to your business yet. This post is for you if:

  • you plan to build your business this year with a focus on social media (with what seems like most of the planet being on social media it’s probably a wise decision)
  • if you want a better return on your social media advertising budget
  • If you’re tired of competing on price and constantly lowering your margins

In 7 steps here’s how to go about it.

1 Audit your accounts

  • how many platforms are you on
  • do you use the same usernames
  • when was the last time you updated them
  • do they all have the same profile picture
  • do they all have the same descriptions
  • how many fans, followers do you have
  • how much engagement are you getting

2 identify your competition

  • how many fans / followers do they have
  • how often do they post
  • what do they post
  • how much engagement are they getting
  • how do they engage with their audience (competitions, videos, giveaways, articles)
  • what reviews , testimonials do they have

All things being equal, if you have a better social media presence you’ll attract more leads to your business / offer

3 Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely
  • know your KPI’s (key performance indicators), in other words know what you need to keep a track of and do this diligently. Do you want:
  • more traffic = clicks
  • more sales = revenue
  • more engagement = shares, comments, likes
  • increased traffic to your website
  • how much, by when
  • increased email subscribers, how many, by when
  • increased fans, how many, by when
  • more reach
  • more engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets

4 Content plan and editorial calendar

  • how often will you post
  • what types of posts will you publish (quotes, plain text, shared posts, articles, pictures, videos, testimonials, special occasions). Give post planner a try to help with this.
  • who will be responsible for creating and publishing content
  • where will you drive traffic to
  • what hash tags will you use

5 Track your efforts

  • why, so you don’t make decisions mid campaign based on gut feeling. The secret is doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • ask yourself, do I have a traffic problem or a conversion problem?

6 Partner with influencers

  • self made internet stars
  • well known in their industry
  • have high engagement levels on social networks
  • have authority and credibility in their industry
  • have large and specific audiences

7 Accelerate with an advertising budget

  • use paid advertising to identify your cost per lead
  • optimize to lower your cost per lead
  • scale your campaigns

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