Are Health Supplements Necessary

by | Jan 31, 2016 | Featured, Nutrition

Almost daily we are bombarded with conflicting studies begging the question, are vitamin supplements necessary, some suggesting they give us, at best, expensive urine, and when you actually take a look on your average supermarket shelves you’d be inclined to agree. But hit the pause button about now and think, yes really think, about the food you eat during the day, or more to the point, the nutritional value of that food? Consider the following:

  • Approximately 100 trillion cells make up the adult human body
  • There are about 210 differing types (such as red blood cells, white blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells, brain cells etc)
  • Approximately I billion cells per hour must be replaced – 24 billion in one day!
  • Scientists have confirmed that 98% of the atoms in the human body were not there 1 year ago
  • Every 2 months – every single heart cell is rebuilt
  • Every year (approx) all bone cells are replaced
  • Circulating through 70,000 miles of blood vessels are 30 trillion red blood cells
  • A healthy adult produces 15 million new red blood cells per second to replace the same number that expire each second – a turnover of 900 million red blood cells per hour
  • Every day the average adult breathes over 3,000 gallons of air (and more for children)
  • A billion epithelial cells of the small intestine are replaced everyday – the entire small intestine surface being replaced every 5 days
  • Our skin is changed approximately every 27 days
  • We shed about 600,000 flakes of skin every hour – adding up to 15 pounds per year. By 70 you will have shed about 105 pounds (48 kgs), equal to about 2/3 of our total body weight
  • Our bones are constantly being worn down and re-designed (only slowing down when we are old). The skeleton is totally renewed every 2 years
  • The liver is subjected to constant damage, and is the only internal organ that is capable of regenerating large parts of itself

Add to this the 7 miles of extra plumbing required for every pound over our ideal weight, and we need to ask ourselves, what kind of body are we daily rebuilding? Will this new body be weaker or stronger than the body we possess today?

If you’re relying on a typical diet, high in processed, nutrient depleted and essentially dead food, this question is enough to make you worry. Even the latest from the study of epigenetics tells us that genes are turned off and on by our environment, food being part of that, so we can’t even blame our genes

Becoming actively involved in what you put in our mouths is your most important first line of defence. Consider:

  • Avoiding high glycemic foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars
  • Limit processed meats (salami, sausages, bacon…..)
  • Limit the consumption of red meat
  • Don’t reuse cooking fats and oils
  • Limit alcohol
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants
  • Look for foods with B-carotene, lycopene and lutein
  • Consider fruits for desert instead of pies and cake
  • Eat nuts
  • Enjoy antioxidant superfoods such  as prunes, plums, blueberries, figs, oranges…..
  • Replace salt for low / no sodium herbs
  • Drink green tea.

Bottom line, it’s the choices we make every day that shape the body of tomorrow. It’s also a valid reason why supplementing your diet with a high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement is important, no, make that essential. Here’s the easy option, a FREE online health and lifestyle assessment (completely confidential) which gives you a personalised recommendation.