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by Jan 31, 2016Entrepreneurship

Are you tired – you know, of the long commutes, the soaring transport costs, of waiting for that promotion, of wondering when the interest rates are going to fall, or maybe you’re incredibly successful in your career but don’t have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Why not for a moment re-imagine your life where you have a career path that allows you to:

  • have freedom to live the life of your dreams while helping others do the same?
  • work with like-minded friends all over the world?
  • experience the power of the mind/body/spirit connection in your business life?
  • create prosperity, growth, freedom, and joy in all areas of your life?
  • leave a legacy for others by making a difference now?

No doubt it would transform your life both physically and financially? If you’re stuck in the same old paradigm there’s a reason, and you can blame it all on your conditioning. That’s right, we’re conditioned by our upbringing, our education, and our work experience. This unfortunate conditioning keeps us on the treadmill, trading hours for dollars going to a job every day to make someone else wealthy. There are benefits to this type of (job) based income – it’s immediate, we know when we’ll be paid, and it’s predictable, we know how much we’ll be paid. On the downside, it is estimated that most families are less than two pay packets away from technical bankruptcy. Fortunately there is a way out.

As John Paul Getty, one of the richest en on the planet put it – I’d rather have 1% of 100 peoples effort than 100% of my own – it’s called leverage, where you’re paid on the efforts of many people, not just yourself.

To start down this path we need to re-condition our thinking, because now we need to be an entrepreneur, a marketer, or an innovator, think “You Inc”. We need to stop thinking in terms of linear job based income and think in terms of what is called residual or passive income, money that comes in regardless of whether you’re working or not. This type of income is where you do something once but get paid over and over for that effort – the end result being money and…..time to enjoy it.

So how do we start? We can be a singer or a songwriter or write and make royalties off our music or novels, develop a real estate portfolio and live off the rental returns, again large capital is required not to mention the associated risks involved, we can build a franchise business and sell it (challenging), or we can buy into another business model (the first fourth generation business system) called network marketing or direct sales.

This model has changed significantly over the years as it has evolved, but provided you’re with a credible company that has integrity and a credible product range you can generate a sizable income. You can start it for very little money down, and take it as far as you want to go.  You can build locally as well as take your business online where the world becomes your market place. One of it’s major advantages other than minimal capital outlay is that you can start part-time and build your business at your own pace around your current commitments. Other advantages – you can work it from home, no employees, low risk, high reward, endless sales potential, favorable tax breaks, steady cash flow, no experience required, people helping people. As for pitfalls, they are there as with any other business model.

With whichever company you look at do your due diligence, making sure the company has great products and a fair and equitable pay plan, that you have access to an experienced team who can coach, mentor and help you succeed, and that are actively involved and thus current with business trends and systems.

So bottom line, starting your own home based direct selling business is one of the few ways of taking back control of your life – giving you work / life balance, time, cash flow and quality of life.

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