Time Waits For No One

Consider making every moment count because “life is short and death is long.” Do you remember back as a kid growing up how time seemed unlimited? We were impatient to grow up, become adults, and enter the real world. We imagined all the freedom we would have, all the things we would do. 

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Be Your Own Boss

Are you tired – you know, of the long commutes, the soaring transport costs, of waiting for that promotion, of wondering when the interest rates are going to fall, or maybe you’re incredibly successful in your career but don’t have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Why not for a moment re-imagine […]

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Passive income

Imagine a business model where you make one sale and get paid for it over and over, potentially for the rest of your life – now that’s powerful. It’s how a singer song writer or an author earn money – royalties on their work, it’s also the way utilities such as power and water, phone companies, and many […]

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How to handle objections in Network Marketing

One of most common issues I come across with network marketing distributors is how to effectively handle objections. What works for me is to change the mindset, rather than fearing objections welcome them as they are at least telling you they (the person / people you are talking to about your business) is/are engaged, so irrespective of whether or not the […]

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