How to handle objections in Network Marketing

by Nov 8, 2015Entrepreneurship

One of most common issues I come across with network marketing distributors is how to effectively handle objections. What works for me is to change the mindset, rather than fearing objections welcome them as they are at least telling you they (the person / people you are talking to about your business) is/are engaged, so irrespective of whether or not the concerns are real or imagined, they need to be addressed before you can move forward.

 One of the best strategies I know of is to answer the objections before they are asked as part of your presentation. When you relate your own story throw in your concerns and answer them. There are only a few really common objections (is this a pyramid, can’t sell, no time, no money, don’t want to annoy friends and family) so if you answer them naturally as part of your presentation chances are you will have covered their concerns.
When asked a question really listen for the underlying concern rather than giving a canned reply. Where you find yourself looking for a “technique” try these:
  • UNIVERSAL Rebuttals – this is a statement or question you ask when you receive an objection from the prospect.
  • Feel, Felt, Found – this has been around for years and is effective when used properly. When you hear an objection, you respond with: “I know how you FEEL, I FELT the same way, but you know what I FOUND…”
  • Catch them off guard  – use this phrase often: “I’m so glad you said / asked that!”
While questions / objections can be many and varied they generally fall into one of the following:
  • Is this one of those pyramids – in this instance, you could be dealing with a lack of education on the part of your prospect. Find out by asking your prospect, “ What do you mean by a pyramid scheme?” Then use examples to show how your business works
  • I’m not a sales person – a great solution for this is the catch them off guard approach: “I’m so glad you said that because we do not SELL anything, we SHARE our products and this leads to the opportunity.” Or use the FEEL, FELT, FOUND approach.
  • I don’t want to approach my friends and family – “This is up to you, we have alternative prospecting methods, BUT remember that when you start making big money, you will have to explain to your friends and family why you did not tell them about this!” TRY theFEEL, FELT, FOUND method.
  • I don’t have the time – let your prospect know that a few hours a week is all you need! “This business is designed for BUSY people!” You can also Echo “Enough Time?” or “I know exactly how you FEEL, I FELT the same way when I first joined but here is what I FOUND out…this business is designed for busy people.”
  • I don’t have the money or that’s expensive! – When you hear “That’s expensive”…ASK “Compared to what?” Or “How much did you think this was going to cost? Using the ECHO (“It’s expensive?”) may lead to: “I can’t afford this right now.” Follow that up with “Today…this Month or What?” OR say “That’s exactly why you need to JOIN!”. When it comes to MONEY, the key is to CREATE A SENSE THAT NOT HAVING THIS WILL COST THEM MORE!
  • Is this MLM? Address this objection by asking, “Do you like MLM?” NO MATTER what they say….”Then you
    will love this! This is network marketing or referral-based marketing…Let me explain how it works.” (Show the pay plan plan again)
  • I need to talk to my partner – people fear putting their spouse though the waiting game again or another possible failure. The solution? It is BEST to INCLUDE the spouse! ASK “Will your spouse be involved?” or “Do you and your spouse plan on working the business together?” If not you may have a struggle!
  • Risk – have you ever heard “Starting a business is risky”? SAY “Life is a RISK!” Or “What if this does work?”
    You may want to use a Pro and Con sheet for this objection. List the RISK and REWARDS of starting a business; it will always work out in your favor.
In closing, you will find that the more you WORK through these objections and learn how to deal with them, the MORE money you will earn!

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