Build An Empire In Your Network Marketing Business

by Mar 30, 2016Entrepreneurship

Build An Empire In Your Network Marketing Business

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

There are some key processes needed in building a business, whether direct sales / network marketing or for that matter any regular business. After watching a recent webinar on the subject and looking at my own successes and failures it was hard to fault the reasoning. Here’s the list:

  1. vision
    • build your vision
    • this is the dream roadmap of where you want to go
    • who do you want to become
  2. Get around successful people
    • events are key as they inject massive belief
  3. invest in your education
    • Free is your most expensive option
    • Your time is precious, this is especially true if you are part time
  4. Setup your online infra-structure
    • work on lead generation from day one
    • Have at least a capture page but preferably also a blog
  5. Know your target market
    • To the best of you ability embrace the ideal type of person you want to attract.
  6. Create content
    • Always have a call to action to reach out to your leads
    • Base your content on who you have identified as you target market
    • Use Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Twitter etc to reach your audience
  7. Prospecting
    • Business is a contact sport, and at least until you are generating your own leads you need to get your product / presentation in front of eyeballs on a regular basis
  8. Daily routine
    • Content daily
    • Prospecting day
    • Studying and improving
    • Surround yourself with people more successful than you
  9. Team building
    • Get your people to events
    • Don’t plan on anyone else building your business but you
    • Create leveraged training to protect your time
  10. Alter your vision
    • As your business builds expand / alter your vision

Note that steps 4 and 7 essentially happen concurrently, you need to be contacting people as soon as possible (the right way) as well as building your online infra-structure. From my own experience the only thing that comes close to passive income is passive lead generation, attracting leads on auto pilot.

PS: I offer customised coaching to fast track your network marketing business.

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