Time Waits For No One

by Jan 31, 2016Wellness

Consider making every moment count because “life is short and death is long.” Do you remember back as a kid growing up how time seemed unlimited? We were impatient to grow up, become adults, and enter the real world. We imagined all the freedom we would have, all the things we would do. But when adulthood finally arrives, we discover that we are spending the vast majority of our “freedom” at work, paying bills, surviving, often in passionless jobs we don’t like or just don’t care about. We spend our precious time doing everything except what we really want, dreaming of the future, of some distant, faraway time when life will be better, when we can finally do the things we want. But as we grow older, time begins moving faster and faster, and our long-awaited day of freedom never seems to come.

The tragedy of life isn’t that it’s so short. The tragedy is that we waste it.

Let’s take stock at this point, you may be 21, 31 41 61, it doesn’t really mean much other than the time we’ve been on the planet. Now for the reframe – think in terms of time left. Using this formula – DL (days left) = LE (life expectancy in days) minus age A (age in days). For example, if you’re a 31 year old Australian it looks like this (81.9 x ~365)  – (31 x ~365) = Your time left.

Note the average life expectancy if you are an Australian is 81.9, for Americans it’s 78.49 (check out “WHO” for exact figures). The final figures gives you more perspective, it’s now a count down.

Now from a business perspective, let’s say you want to earn $100,000 per year. Divide this by 365 to get to a daily rate, then again divide by 3, yes 3 is the amount of time research has shown is the most amount of really effective time we spend working in given day. In this example it is $91.32. So now look at everything you do and ask yourself, in this example, is what I am doing worth $91.32 dollars or can it be outsourced, delegated, etc.

If you’re in a job this is, in most cases, out of your hands, but if you are working your own lifestyle business (e.g. network marketing), track everything you do, make sure you’re not wasting it. Think back to the headline of Success Magazine – “We create millionaires”, how the network marketing elite are building fortunes at break neck speed. It happens by taking effective action on a daily basis, not shuffling paper on your desk and thinking you’re working.

Remember your life is on a count down, make the most of it and live, live like there’s no tomorrow.

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